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The music of Dead Love

Originally we had planned to include a song by John Fogerty. But to get any information on how to proceed to do the right thing, pay licensing fees for the music, was absolutely impossible to do. We were in contact with the "STIM" that sent us to "PRS for Music, London" who sent us to "BMI, New York." After a few emails back and forth, it all took a halt. They could not give a sensible answer. So in the end we wrote that they could keep their song, and that it would be faster for us to write our own song. It's a pity that it should be so hard to do the right thing.

The first songs we got hold of are made of Chillihounds, a local rock band from Gothenburg. Their latest album had just come out and we could use two of their songs in the film. Chillihounds songs can be purchased at www.chillihounds.seThe songs in the movie are listed below and are included on their album "Shake Your Skull"

Taking off
Written by: Stefan Johansson, Gabriel Aadland & Stefan Rasmusson 
Performed by: Chillihounds
Label: Transubstans 

Written by: Gabriel Aadland
Performed by: Chillihounds
Label: Transubstans

Instrumental music

If the music and sound in a movie is good, much of the bad images can be forgiven. We were lucky enough to find Ola Jansson, he works as a music teacher and is incredibly good at making soundtracks. The music is inspired by John Williams masterpiece. To the right of this page, you can listen to the soundtrack.


The film's ballad is written by Fredrik Lindau and post processed by Ola Jansson. Ola has also written the music for the song. The singer is Karin Funk and she has been trained at the Theatre Academy musical programs in Gothenburg. She has starred in Sweeney Todd at Värmlandsoperan, made the role of Fancy Doll and cover Mary Poppins in the set of Mary Poppins at the Gothenburg Opera 2008th. Karin is a frequently committed singer and has appeared in several productions of the show 2Entertain Norway. Karin is currently featured in the musical Chess at the Gothenburg Opera, where she is ensemble and cover Florence. She is also at least as current as the singer of the ballade "Dead Love". In december you can also see Karin at Scandic Crown, then in julbords-show "Swedish classics" Chess.
Below you can see a little video from the recording of the ballad.