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Fredrik Lindau

Fredrik Lindau -  The caretaker

Works with marketing, including websites, commercials and exhibition material. He has great interest in special effects and the right "cinematic feeling". This film is the first he himself participated in. The role of the caretaker is loosely based on David Nilsson who has actually worked on the bath as a caretaker. Fredrik has taken some stunt courses many years ago.


David Nilsson - Drunk man / Fire Victims
Camera Enthusiast and filmnerd. He is the film's other initiative takers and cameraman. He works in the current situation as a caretaker at Hagabadet and has previously worked with 3D and visualization. The intrest for film has been with him since childhood and to make his own films has long been a dream. David has done most of the visual effects in film and has a passion for perfection.

Anne Lichtenstein

Anne Lichtenstein - The receptionist
Is an active television and newspaper journalist who has worked as an actor and director in both theater and film context. Filmed and edited director Robert Lillhongas (Hate Gothenburg) second feature film in the winter of 2011-2012. Also played in a British comedy drama during the winter, and has now started her own freelance company.

Nathalie Samuelsson

Nathalie Samuelsson - Ghost
Nathalie is fundamentally a dancer and have read event marketing & event management. She has previous experience in front of the camera, including a music video.

Annelie Sjölin

Annelie Sjölin - Ghost

Annelie has, what we know, no previous experience in acting but is a real talent. She works as a salesman at Bilia.

Karin Funk

Karin Funk - Singer

Sings the ballad "Dead Love", the film's love theme. You can read more about Karin under "Music" at the top  menu.


Chillihounds - Bad ass rockers
This Gothenburg-based rock band has contributed some songs from their latest album "Shake Your Skull".

Ola Jansson

Ola Jansson - Composer
Ola works as a music teacher in everyday life but has a dream of composing music for movies. He has done all the instrumental pieces heard in the film.